Huntington Aluminum Base Casting and Steel Pole

HUNTThe steel poles and aluminum base castings listed here are packaged together as one of our most popular base castings.

Note that all of these base castings can be customized to work with other pole sizes and types as needed — contact us for any such requests.

Product Line

  • CPS-4-4011-12-B3CS
  • 12
  • CPS-4-4011-14-B3CS
  • 14
  • CPS-4-4011-16-B3CS
  • 16
  • CPS-4-4011-18-B3CS
  • 18
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft DimensionsCutsheetTemplate
8090100120Dia. O.D. (in.)Wall Thick.

About Us

General Structures, Inc. has been the best partner for C&I lighting standards since 1988. We adhere to standards set forth by AASHTO, ASTM International, and NEMA and weld all of our products to the highest American Welding Society standards.

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