3 Steps to Touching Up Your Light Poles

3 Steps to Touching Up Your Light Poles

Good news: your General Structures, Inc. poles are protected by a standard three-year finish warranty — with the option to extend this to five or ten years. This means you can count on us to back the finish of our poles if premature aging of the finish on your new poles should occur. If issues do arise, our Terms & Conditions of Sale can help you navigate next steps.

If your poles get scratched or chipped due to impacts in the field or after your warranty period, it’s easy to touch them up yourself. Here’s how.

Field Painting Procedure

Step 1. Use a 320-grit, non-silicone sandpaper to scuff-sand the surface.

Step 2. Wash the area with an industrial solvent and wipe it clean with a lint-free painter’s rag or tack cloth.

Step 3. Apply the finish coat. It’s best to choose an exterior quality air-dried acrylic enamel or another paint that’s compatible with TGIC polyester powder. If you’re using touch-up spray to match a textured finish, we recommend holding the spray can 12” to 14” from the surface area. For best results, spray using a sweeping back-and-forth and up-and-down motion.

If you have aluminum poles, check out this post for removing troublesome stains.

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