Keeping Your Aluminum Poles Blemish-Free

What should you do if you find stains and scratches on your aluminum pole? Let’s break down the common causes and their solutions. The Causes Many elements can cause stains on an aluminum pole, including natural debris (like dirt and…


Considering LED Lights? Inspect Your Poles First

There are many benefits to LED lights, like longer service life and greater efficiency. (Want to learn more? Read our post on the environmental benefits of LEDs.) But before you make the decision to retrofit your lighting, you should understand…


What You Should Know about the Shipping Process

Light poles are large, awkward objects to ship. And some carriers don’t move poles very often. These truths can lead to damage and complications. Luckily, the team at General Structures, Inc. has perfected the process of packing, shipping and coordinating…


How to Avoid Mismatched Color Finishes

When pulling together a lighting job, making sure your customers are getting fixtures and poles that look like they are meant to go together might just keep you up at night. Color matching in the lighting industry is no small…


Achieving Perfection: How We Prevent Welding Defects

To some, perfection is hitting all green lights on your way to work or finding the grocery cart without the squeaky wheel. But to the team at General Structures, Inc., perfection means making sure our customers get the quality lighting…


Finding the Best Street Light Poles for Your Project

Which Material Works Best? Aluminum is naturally more corrosion-resistant than steel. Thus, aluminum poles have the potential to wear better over time, costing less to maintain. However, aluminum isn’t the strongest material, which means those poles aren’t ideal for projects…


5 Common Light Pole Problems (and Their Solutions)

1. Uh oh, the bolt circle on the base plate of my new light pole doesn’t match the pattern of the existing anchor bolts in the concrete. That’s typically caused by:• Replacing poles on older properties, as base plate designs…


Anchor-Based vs. Embedded: What’s the Difference?

The choice between anchor-based and embedded installation for your light poles comes down to location, aesthetics, and budget. Here’s what you need to know. Anchor-Based Poles Anchor-based poles include a metal base plate welded to the shaft of the pole.…


A Guide to Our Options and Accessories

You may not think about it often, but a light pole is a great piece of real estate. To make the most of it, we offer a wide variety of options and accessories to meet the needs of your light…


How We Meet the 1933 Buy American Act

At General Structures, Inc., we rely on a network of excellent suppliers to support us in manufacturing our light poles. Most of them are located inside the U.S. — making it easy for our poles and brackets to meet the…

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