Round Tapered Hinged Aluminum Poles

The lighting standards listed here are designed for ground-mounted applications. Standards mounted on structures require factory consultation — contact our Project Management team for exact catalog numbers and pricing of such poles.


Round Tapered Hinged Aluminum Poles

Pole Shaft

The shaft is spun tapered from all new seamless 6063 alloy aluminum tubing and heat treated to produce a T6 temper. It is gracefully cone tapered to the butt diameter. Each shaft has a 6″-long straight section at the top that may be drilled to the luminaire manufacturer’s mounting specifications. An aluminum tenon may also be supplied as standard.

Hinged Base Casting

Hinged Base Casting

Cast from A356 alloy aluminum, the anchor base is heat treated to produce a T6 condition and inserted into the anchor base casting. The two pieces are joined by a continuous circumferential weld at the outside top and inside bottom of the anchor base. The base has a hinge pin to allow lowering of the pole to maintain luminaires.

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Product Line

  • PHA-6-4012-8
  • 8
  • PHA-6-4012-10
  • 10
  • PHA-6-5012-10
  • 10
  • PHA-6-4012-12
  • 12
  • PHA-6-5012-12
  • 12
  • PHA-6-4012-14
  • 14
  • PHA-6-5012-15
  • 15
  • PHA-6-5015-15
  • 15
  • PHA-6-5012-18
  • 18
  • PHA-6-5015-18
  • 18
  • PHA-6-6015-18
  • 18
  • PHA-6-5015-20
  • 20
  • PHA-6-6015-20
  • 20
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft DimensionsBase InfoBase PlateCutsheetTemplate
8090100120ButtTopWallAnchor Bolt DiameterBolt CircleSquareHeight
PHA-6-4012-8813.310.38.25430.125.75 x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-4012-1010107.45.73.4430.125.75 x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5012-101016. x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-4012-12127.25.33.92430.125.75 x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5012-121212. x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-4012-14145. x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5012-15158.66.653.3530.125.75 x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5015-151511. x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5012-18185.74.131.8530.125.75 x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5015-18187. x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-6015-181811. x 208.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-5015-20206.24.331530.156.75 x 207.5 - 910.753.5View View
PHA-6-6015-2020107.55.83.7630.156.75 x 208.5 - 910.753.5View View

EPA ratings include a 1.3 gust factor.


Anchor bolts should be set using factory-supplied anchor bolt templates.



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