Round Tapered Composite Direct Burial

The lighting standards listed here are designed for direct burial applications. Items mounted on structures require factory consultation — contact our Project Management team for product configuration and pricing.

Our round tapered poles are constructed of thermosetting resin reinforced with glass or other fibers to meet or exceed the performance requirement set forth in ANSI C136.20-2012. Low-angle, pre-tensioned glass fibers provide stiffness and strenth; higher-angle hoop fibers provide the buckling resistance needed in lower area of the poles.

Composite poles

These poles are available in a Natural, Smooth or Semi-Smooth surface. The use of UV-resistant, pigmented resin and a highly UV- and weather-resistant top coat provide the ideal surface finish for all applications.

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Product Line

  • CPF-1-EMB-15
  • 12
  • CPF-1-EMB-18
  • 14
  • CPF-1-EMB-19
  • 15
  • CPF-1-EMB-20
  • 16
  • CPF-2-EMB-22
  • 18
  • CPF-2-EMB-24
  • 20
  • CPF-2-EMB-26
  • 22
  • CPF-2-EMB-30
  • 25
  • CPF-2-EMB-35
  • 30
Catalog NumberMounting HeightEffective Projected AreaShaft O.D. (in.)Burial Depth (ft)CutsheetTemplate

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